Concord Energy Services, division of Concord Engineering Group, Inc. (CES) is a full service energy asset management firm focused on energy cost reduction strategies and asset management solutions for small to large energy-consuming commercial/industrial companies, institutional and government sectors. We specialize in providing innovative solutions that reduce exposure to energy market risks and improve energy commodity procurement decisions. We offer asset management, utility bill verification, demand side management and energy efficiency consulting to improve bottom-line financial performance. This enables CES to provide its clients with the operational and technical insight to identify cost-saving opportunities that can be implemented through innovative energy solutions and strategies.

Energy Commodity Procurement Strategies & Solutions:

Electricity, Natural Gas, Fuel Oil
   • Government Commercial and Residential Aggregation Programs
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   • Association and Private Industry Aggregation Programs
   • Green Purchasing Strategies
   • Online & Reverse Auction Tool
   • RFP/Contract Design, Administration, and Management
   • Energy Load, Budget, and Risk Analysis
   • Hedge Strategies and Management
   • Regulatory and Market Intelligence
 Utility Bill Verification & Audit Services
   • Electricity, Solar, Natural Gas, Water, and Waste Water
   • Sales Tax Exemption and Recovery
 Utility Consulting & Rate Tariff Management
 Demand Reduction and Curtailment Consulting
 Energy Benchmarking and Reporting
 NJMEP Energy Alliance


“Up to 70% of all energy contracts are negotiated by a qualified professional firm, with specific knowledge of the marketplace.”

The Growing Role of Aggregators, Brokers and Consultants in Competitive Energy Markets, Jan. 2006. By KEMA, an independent research and consultant firm to the energy industry.

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Tri-County Energy
Pricing System


Trump Entertainment
Lead Procurement Consultant


South Jersey Power Cooperative
Natural Gas Procurement


Kerzner International Atlantis Resort
Utilities Rate Study


NJMEP Energy Alliance Program for Manufacturers

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K-12 Education
Higher Education
Commercial High-Rise
Hotels/Multi-Family Housing
Correctional Facilities
Transmission & Distribution
Data Centers
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