Engineering Successful Integration of Modern Instrumentation and Controls for a Retrofit Project


The Detroit Edison Monroe Power Plant is one of the largest coal fired power plants in North America, consisting of four (4) coal-fired steam electric generating units each rated at 800 MW gross.

In 2006 a project was initiated to install new flue gas desulfurization (FGD) air quality control equipment at the Monroe Power Plant. The goal of the project was to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from each generating unit and, in combination with existing selective catalytic reduction systems (SCRs), achieve a reduction in mercury emissions. AECOM (at the time, Washington Group International) was selected by Detroit Edison to engineer, design, and construct the new FGD systems. The first stage of the retrofit involved the addition of Limestone Forced Oxidation (LSFO) FGD systems for Units 3 and 4, along with related plant-wide common systems. Both Units 3 and 4 went into operation in 2009. The Unit 1 FGD system started operation in 2013, and Unit 2 started operation in the second quarter of 2014.

Part of the work involved the installation of new distributed control systems for the FGD systems and associated auxiliary equipment, and integration of these systems into the existing plant as seamlessly as possible. A total of five (5) different digital bus technologies were implemented during the course of the project. The implementation of the control system on the initial units was very labor intensive for the commissioning team due to the complexity of the various interfaces as well as difficulty in coordinating the various suppliers that furnished equipment on the project, including the various instrumentation suppliers.

This paper discusses the evolution of the project instrumentation and controls design, construction and commissioning, including managing the technologies and applying best practices and lessons learned in order to provide a successful end product.

The entire paper can be found here.

Contributor: Chris Beeler, Lead I&C Engineer
Date: January, 2016


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